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The new has
New & Amazing Features!

Advance tools so you find
what you’re looking for

  • Find Ads on Map
  • Filter Results
  • Find Ads Nearby
  • Advanced Searches for Different Ad-Types

How to Post an Ad

Click the '+ Post a Free Ad' button located on the top-right of all pages.

If you need to, LoginRegister or simply use your Facebook profile with fconnect

Select the type of ad you want to post, from our wide range of Categories. Choose the most relevant category as to maximize your ad's visibility and quality.

Fill out the form with the necessary details, contact info, tags, etc. You can also add images to improve your ad's appeal. Then click 'Submit' and your ad will be published and appear in the relevant category.

How to Promote an Ad

Every ad on has a voting button situated to the top-right of it.

Click the blue arrow and when it registers it looks like this.
Adding a '1-up'1up to the ad.

If you like an ad, click this.

  • Users must be logged in to vote.
  • Each user can vote only once.
  • Clicking it again removes your vote.

This automatically ranks the ad according to 1-ups in the 'Best of Trinispace' feed & the Highest Rated page.

  • Classified Ads on are NOT promoted by comments. This leads to unnecessary commenting and an abuse of the commenting system. By which users simply post repetitive comments and singular phrases.