The new Trinispace.com has
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Advance tools so you find
what you’re looking for

  • Find Ads on Map
  • Filter Results
  • Find Ads Nearby
  • Advanced Searches for Different Ad-Types

Are posting of classifieds free?

Yes! Posting on Trinispace.com is completely free!

How to post a classified?

  • Simply log in (or register if you haven't already) to your account and click the "+ Post an Ad" button.
  • This takes you to the list of categories to choose from. Depending on your ad criteria, choose the most relevant one.
  • Fill out the form with the necessary details for making your ad attractive and easy to understand.
  • When you're done click the "Submit" button below and that's it!
  • Ad posted!

Can I edit my ad after I've posted?

Defintely. Once you've posted an ad, you can improve or modify it to your hearts content.

Can I post more than one(1) ad?

Most definitely! Users are not limited to the amount of ads they post. The more the merrier as they say!

What are the requirements to post an ad?

There are no particular rules for posting an ad. However the one common attribute for ads is to have a working Email account.

What audience will be viewing my ad(s)?

Trinispace.com was designed for Trinidad and Tobagonians. But thanks to it's open nature, the entire world is welcomed to view the ads. That's the beauty of Trinispace.com

Can I share my ad(s) on social networks?

Most definitely. All ads have optional sharing buttons for some supported social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

How to promote my ad(s)?

All ads are promoted according to time and date relevance in every section. There's also our internal voting system that lists your ad in the "Best of" section of Trinispace.com.

How to get your ad on the "Best of" section

Clicking the Up-Arrow icon (with numeric value below) on the respective ad, promotes it to the top of the "Best of" section on vote at a time.

What's the Calendar for?

Every Community event/notice has the option to place a date of the activity. This automatically adds it to our calendar so everyone can get a birds-eye view of all that's taking place across our country.

How long do ads last?

Every advertisement on trinispace.com has an unlimited lifespan. This means ALL ads last as long as you wish to have them published.